Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vermont Young Professionals and further reflections

Last night I had an opportunity to connect with a group of peers who are in the initial stages of launching Vermont Young Professionals (VYP)-a networking, professional development, and community growth organization. It was a really positive experience connecting with a group of like-minded people determined to bring new perspectives to Vermont's business community. VYP is the type of organization whose presence is long overdue in the region.

While young professionals and entrepreneurs share many of the same accepted realities as our older counterparts, our perception is fundamentally different. As we begin to intuitively organize via emergent technologies, our experience with, and acceptance of conventional business models starts to diverge, creating opportunities rarely afforded to younger individuals. By virtue of new media and social networking, we are expected to process and interpret a far more complex, nuanced and expanded set of operational realities. Sometimes it feels like pretty heavy stuff, and I'm thankful that groups like VYP are emerging locally to address the issues pertinent to so many of us.

I do apologize to the folks anticipating an extended follow up to "Reflections on Friday," which has received a myriad of comments. I am working on it. It's good that people are feeling passionate, but I think it will be important to start looking at what systems (or lack thereof) created this imbalance within the town structure. We can't pin this on any one individual, nor should we. Dynamics of fear and reaction are bound to emerge, as they did recently, when something is amiss. My sense is that we have some clear procedural deficiencies that need to be addressed, first and foremost.


  1. what? how dare you be distracted from the town politics! kidding, of course...this sounds great, in a continually evolving global business environment, it will be more important than ever for this kind of organization and fresh bright minds to come together to shape the future of the local business environment

    keep your focus on the power of positive thought, and you can create what ever you set your mind to...and don't forget the law of allowing

  2. Ahh yes...The universe is listening to whatever we say OR type. Laws of attraction by Louise hayes. Dan you should read this book. Everything you put out into the universe will come back to you. So if you spread lies, more then likely it will come back to you. If you spread hate and disdain for people you do not know, it will come back to you...Read the book it is good.

    Dont get me wrong. Im sure you have some qualities like all of us that are as bright as a shining star. But some of the things I have read, I kinda think might not be so true.

  3. ...then I guess it's a good thing I subscribe to the laws of thermodynamics rather than the laws of attraction. ;-)

  4. there is much more out there than many of us allow ourselves to believe, check it out and trust your emotions, Seth Speaks

  5. I think I'll use the force!


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