Sunday, February 27, 2011

Town Meeting Day Update

An important Town Meeting Day message from the Jonesville Underground:


Mary Houle

First on the chopping block is sociopathic board member and convicted felon, Mary Houle. Labile and bizarre, Mary’s actions as a Richmond selectboard member have been the subject of several newspaper articles which note her for inciting board divisiveness. Additionally, she has no moral qualms engaging in voter intimidation; a fact that I can personally attest to. Mary has attended academies and institutes to further her education as a board member, however she probably would have been better served taking an ethics or anger management class. Mary doesn’t represent the community, she represents a small group of conservative, white, homophobic and self-interested individuals.

Angela Côté

The most important thing to know about Ms. Côté is that her sister is Cara LaBounty, Richmond’s most litigious character. Many of you may be familiar with Cara’s antics from attending a selectboard meeting or from reading this blog. Angie will be little more than an information gatherer and glorified mouthpiece for her sister’s nefarious activities. Imagine the conflict of interest around executive sessions. Do you trust Angie not to share confidential information with Cara and her compund-dwelling cronies? I certainly don’t. Furthermore, in her candidate’s statement, Angie all but states her intention to return the board to a divisive tenor and pursue the interests of Cara & Bruce LaBounty and Isaac Cowan.