Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rodjenski blamed for potholes, tomato blight and long winters

Danny takes time to provide brief replies to his favorite comments:

Comment: "My only fear is that the Selectboard is setting a dangerous precedence by 'giving in' to someones demands."

Response: I believe the word you are looking for is precedent, as it pertains to acts in the past that may inform future circumstance. In any case, your sentiment is very insightful, and I completely agree. The selectboard is getting dangerously close to actually representing the will of the constituency…this can only spell trouble.

Comment: "Would Chief accept an average evaluation from anyone else? It is unfair to judge Mary and her decisions in her evaluation of Chief, expecially since there are only the SB and Chief privy to its contents…But seriously folks...Less accusations/rumours and more FACT finding."

Response: People please, use your flippin' spell check! Also you might want to add "innuendo and conjecture" to rumors and accusations…and then take your own advice. ☺

Comment: "…'we need to let this ride out,' in other words all a'board...train wrecks a'comin…"

Response: Toot toot!

Comment: "…but [Mary] does have excellent suggestions when it comes to inter office conflict and resolution."

Response: Indeed. She runs directly at (insert town employee name here) while shouting "blitzkrieg!"

Comment: "…As for the select board, I think they made a bad decision to remove Mary from her role. They appointed her because they trusted her and they should have stood behind her decision and behind her review…."

Response: ...calling planet Melmac…please go back to playing with the laundry lint.

Comment: "It is truely ironic how some people (mostly with either past zoning violations or other long standing bitter grievances against the town, against law enforcement, flat-landers, tree-huggers, Pruius drivers, males, anyone under 30, etc….continue to dump on Ron and blame him for all our troubles real or imagined."

Response: It's true! I watched a five-year old accidentally drop his cider donut, then clench his tiny fist at the sky and shout, "Damn you Rodjenski!"

Comment: "If this is NOT about his evaluation, then it was a rouse on his part."

Response: A dark night in a town that knows how to keep its secrets but one man is still trying to find the answers to life’s persistent questions.....Guy Noir, Private Eye.

Comment: "…[Filkhorn] can stab fellow selectboard members Houle & Parent in the back and then kiss their ass 5 minutes later..."

Response: Stabbing…kissing…if you add in Mary's regular asides you've got Shakespeare!

Comment: "It was evident that June Heston and her hubby, along with their nephew were kired by Chief as his 'boo hoo campaign advisors'."

Response: Welcome to H282: Small Town Social Dynamics, where you will learn how stressful situations in local government inevitably leads to a lack of neighborliness.


  1. Hilarious and true. Keep 'em laughing Danny Boy!

  2. Geez, Dan. I go away for two weeks on paternity leave and your entire town turns into a Samuel Beckett play! Please tell me there's some news to report in Richmond and not just innuendo, conjecture and well-written snarkiness...

  3. Comment: "If you wont say it to someones face, dont type it." posted by Anonymous

    Response: "Hip-Hip--Hypocrisy...and Hilarious!"

  4. Dan,

    You dont like police and never have, so its cause for pause why you would want to support Chief or any cop for that matter. Then again this is what you want, publicity for your soon to be, not soon to be market. Secondly, Rodjenski's your pal, partners in crime, giving you a permit when he should not have..Shame on both of you..

    If you cared about your community, you would spend less time writing colorful captions and more time finding a solution. But hey how can you find a solution when you Daniel, do not know what the problem is. The one thing Im sure of is you are part of the problem.

  5. If Chief is so confident in the publics opinion of him, lets tip his hand. "Chief can we see your evaluation" Is there anything in there we should be concerened about?

    You show me yours and I'll show you mine :)

  6. In response to the second Anomymous:

    Working as a residential counselor for the past three years, I have had regular interactions with members of the Winooski, Burlington, and Williston Police departments. The experiences were entirely positive, so to say that I "don't like police" is a baseless and uninformed statement. My experiences with the Richmond Police department have also been entirely amicable, with the exception of officer Sarah Messier, who is a known agitator within the department. Ron Rodjenski issued no permits pertaining to the store-a matter of public record if you bothered to look.

    I care deeply for this community, which is why I participated in organizing and implementing the petition with several other citizens. To see multiple town officials removed/offer their resignations over a period of three months is incredibly concerning. While I have no personal stake in the Chief's decision to stay on or retire, I found it to be my breaking point in stepping up and stepping out to address the challenges facing our town. The solution is simple: modify the selectboard process to incorporate genuine accountability for the behaviors and actions of our elected representatives.

  7. Dan,

    Mary Houle didnt do anything wrong by looking at your mural. By the way were'nt you outside dancing with your friends, and egging them on. Real mature business man. Officer Messier didnt do anything wrong by stopping by to ask where your roomies were to deliver trespass notices.

    It appears to me you are going to twist anything around in your benefit and almost like you encourage the controversy. Not to mention its really your word against their's. Besides the LTCM, which does not exist, looks like the cart before the horse, what other things have you done for the town of Richmond to benefit local causes, charities and what other key political issues have you been involved with. Basically, besides Mary, Sarah and Chief, what are your other interests.

  8. And....the child support issue. is that public record posted it earlier but deflected the comment, if you did not post it it would look worse, but you posted it under the guise that this is what kind of people are out there. yes..dead beat dads are one of them, are you?

  9. Daniel

    Still deflecting the answer. Are you being the father you should be, prehaps a little less marketing stategies and a little more daddy behavior. Take care of home first then you can save Richmond..

  10. Ok here is great idea.

    Danile put your $$ where your mouth is, or should I say hands. Publicly confront Mary Houle and Sarah Messier in the town meeting center w/ a public debate. Once and for all heal the wounds you have incurred by singing a phrase of 'com by ya' (spelling) and lets join hands and respect each others differences, jobs, and social agendas... :)

  11. Dan

    You are undr 25 right? You have got a lot to learn about govt, politics, management. Have you ever thought of taking courses in small business plans and ventures. It would prob fare well for you instead of this stuff, that is unless this is what turns you on.

  12. Not deflecting, just enjoying this way too please, continue...


  13. This blog is great for a laugh, and for an angled pulse on the town. But some of today's Anonymous lineup doesn't reflect any human decency, manners or creativity...let alone American, or Richmond values. It is sad to think some of the homes in this town have ruthless people living in them. Guess it's good not to know who some of these people are. It would be quite awkward pumping gas or buying bread next to a person you know has some of this ignorance and anger rattling in their head and clenched in their fists. I hope forgiveness on all sides is not far off. I know what miracle I'm praying for this Sunday!

  14. How about school clothes for your kid? Good cover Dan my man. Anonymous can be written by anyone to include that creator of this blog. Bottom line is Dan, you think your such an upstanding jiva mookdee citizen, think again. Your a fuckin punk ass bitch with a gift for creative writing.

  15. ok...for all the ones who want to know...are you behind in child support. we could start a 'long trail community market child support program' supported by vermont dead beat dads association,. hey you'll get a free pizza and a tour of that island

  16. I believe the term you are looking for is "Jivanmukta" not "jiva mookdee."

    If you need me, I'll be on the island working on my Anichha and Parechha-Prarabdha.


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