Friday, September 4, 2009

More good news...

"Rally 'Round Richmond" t-shirts @ $15

Call 802.434.7197 for details.

What a great week this has been! I've had so many important conversations with neighbors and folks around town concerning the recent developments in the Richmond Town Offices. I'm anticipating a strong turn out for the upcoming selectboard meeting on Tuesday, September 8th @ 6pm. They finally decided to move the meeting over to the library in order to accommodate the crowd. I encourage everyone to attend the meeting, but please, let's all do our best to keep the questions and comments civil…and remember to bring popcorn.

The petition is moving forward at an incredible pace, turning up at some of the most unlikely places. It's pretty outstanding to see the level of personal and professional support for Chief Joe Miller. This dude has popularity that transcends the social and political lines-like Bono, but with a gun. I hope all of this is enough to show you that we care deeply and want you to stay. No joke-if you go, I'm headed for the hills...or starting a militia...on an the Winooski...

As expected, Isaac Cowan's play (on behalf of Mary) to have all the individuals mentioned in our recent Seven Days article served with trespass notices, hit the brick wall of justice. For the uninitiated, Houle and her hooligans like to pop off fresh notices whenever we get our names in the papers. I think they are just a wee bit jealous. At the LTCM, a trespass notice is your initiation right into the Jonesville Underground. When our buddy Adam found out he was on Messier's list, his response was "That's great! I've always wanted to be on a list."

Even better, it's delightful to hear that officer Messier is doing a hell of a job "not commenting" on her role in the matter by going out and speaking with the public. I'd encourage a bit of prudence, perhaps some radio silence, and maybe a better job keeping her people in line. If they are posting comments, we all know she is still talking about it. Very un-interim-chiefly of her...and speaking of which, I wonder how the forecast is on that front? Looks like the Jonesville Underground brought the rain. ;-)

Also, we received a great response to our "Freak Flag" article in the Seven Days "Letters to the Editor" column this week. It's reassuring to know the work we are doing out here is resonating with the regional community. Humble thanks S.R.; we in turn wish you nothing but good things!

Letter to the Editor:
(It's the last one on the page, so you'll have to scroll for it.)

Original article:


  1. Your alot like the people you blog about. Selling t-shirts for your own monetary gain. Sometimes I wonder if this is some sort of social experiment or if your really trying to open a store. Whats your political agenda Mr Giangreco. Perhaps you should use your time wisely, cook up a few pizzas hire a contractor and get the little hole in the wall store of yours open.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    To answer your questions, I'll just quote directly from Seven Days:

    "...seem to be approaching the controversy as if it were some kind of social experiment or performance art piece."

    "...poke fun at...Richmond’s 'stodgy' political environment."

    "The LTCM’s business plan might best be described thusly: Incur no debt and fly by the seat of its pants."

    I'm always cooking up pizzas-just let me know if you'd like one...and the contractors are here. The t-shirt thing is just our homage to Houle's hooligans...capitalizing on civil disorder.

  3. you are creating the controversy. kind of like mass hysteria or inciting a riot..that type of mob mentality...maybe im goin out on a limb, but i dont think its politics when it comes to your store..i think its loop holes you need to fill in my friend..stop whining and crying because danny cant have his way...

  4. As far as selling the t shirts, I highly doubt there is much profit margin. I've silk screened t shirts before. Unless you have them done in a MASSIVE quantity (hundreds), they probably cost $12-$15 to make. Check out or if you don't believe me. As far as the comment, "you're a lot like the people you blog about," what does that have to do with profiting from t shirts or a social experiment? Failing to see the connection. Please explain.

  5. Yup, he's trying to start a riot all right! Direct quote from the latest blog:

    I encourage everyone to attend the meeting, but please, let's all do our best to keep the questions and comments civil…and remember to bring popcorn.

  6. In case no one else has noticed, Dan is making waves. His approach may be unorthodox, but it is effective. He has delivered more accountability in one month than the entire Richmond political complex has in the past year, and I hear he is considering a run for selectboard. He has my vote.

  7. and what exactly has his waves produced for him? its called standing up on a soap box and he is taking the attention away from himself. where has he been in the political arena for the past year...he see's a chance now...gonna run with it, raise some $$ for his store..

    when he runs for SB he'll see how many fans he has

  8. If people sift through the narrative and listen to the underlying message it's pretty solid. Unlike most people in this town, he has forced some tough issues to the surface and is getting a generally positive response. If he wasn't helping to expedite the process, who would Mary be going after next?

  9. I think Dan is Kokopelli :-)

  10. Everyone should know there is always many sides to a story. People should have all of the facts from all sides before diving into something. You may not have a clue what you are getting in the middle of. I am certain there are many details that people are not aware of that are hidden under the surface. Do your homework!!!! You can not just show up to one meeting and pretend that you know what is going on, or not going on. If you intend to make a change you need to be a part of the whole picture not just your small piece. Being a part of an office in a town is not just for your own gain it is for the betterment of all people in a community and this whole site shows that this is simply just for your gain and spoiled attitude of "I am not getting my way" GROW UP you are in a big person world now!!!!!!!!

  11. I have known Dan for a few years now, and in that time he has always been an outspoken community advocate. He worked as a counselor for at risk youth and bridged some great connections with the Intervale's Healthy City Youth Farm and the Burton Chill Program. People need to do their homework by speaking with him directly instead of relying on the rumor mill. There are potable water and zoning issues to work on, which takes time, planning, and resource. We should be encouraging his effort, not trying to run him out. I think we all have a bit of growing up to do.

  12. you right there said...Dan's issues are zoning/potable water. IT IS NOT a bucnh of people out to get him. in fact I do believe he is causing his own misery by eggings people on, telling far fetched lies about his own side of the story about the cop that showed up. if he truly wants to support the community he lives in also may be a busniess partner he might not want to make enemies needlessly. we teach our kids in schools about cyber bullying and if you wont say ti to someones face dont say it at all...what about the community kids who know some of the key players and reading this material...ALOT of it is he wants to pump up the police chief good for him...write a letter of support instead of going on aimless witch hunts..enough already AND if we continue to write on this blog, which i wont, we are feeding into DAniel's little plan...

  13. Dan - may the best of luck be on your side and, notwithstanding the whole apotropaic thing, I hope that those in Richmond who believe in true community allie themselves with you as well. Mary Houle's behavior is apparently downright disgusting, and her cronies are utterly reprehensible. I don't believe it is you who is whining, but rather bucolic private land-owners who weren't able to get as far as you have thus far with the property. Sadly, like static on a radio, political dragooning is interfering with a good thing. At the end of the day, and when all this clears, you can only feel bad for such wretches like Houle and her cretin cohorts; their insatiable thirst for power and command over Richmond's injudicious and prosaic political compass is puerile and ... well... embarrassingly awkward to watch as a Richmond denizen. As for Houle & Messier & Co.: community is about horizontal cooperation not vertical mobility - grow the fuck up and stop encumbering the growth of town solidarity.

  14. To the guy / girl above. Did you have the thesaurus out when you wrote that?


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