Monday, September 7, 2009

September 8, 2009 Selectboard Meeting

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After consultation with several citizens of the town of Richmond I am convinced I have been mistaken in the following areas regarding Citizens concerns with our situation with Chief Miller:

My mistakes:
1. My attempt to contain public comments regarding the Chief within a one (1) hour slot during our normal September 8 Selectboard meeting.
2. Holding the meeting within the limited space at the Town Center.
3. Having a sign up sheet.
4. Limiting each speaker to two (2) minutes.

Also due to the fact that I have received petitions that the Selectboard needs an opportunity to review at our September 8 meeting, I am going to cancel the one (1) hour public comment period at our September 8 meeting.

I expect the Selectboard to take action regarding the situation with the Chief and others items of concern on September 8. I will then set up a meeting in a location with sufficient space, allow time for everyone to speak, and eliminate any sign up sheet. This meeting will be held within 10 days of our September 8 Selectboard meeting. Please allow me time to make arrangements for location and time. [Notice of the new meeting time and location will be forthcoming shortly.]

Respectfully, K. Peter Parent, Richmond Selectboard Chair


  1. This is coming out as black text on a black background.

  2. Get rid of them all. They need to be gone, gone, gone, gone. Mary Houle, Pete Parent, Erik Filkhorn, Jon Kart, and Marcia Lawrence. They have all just stood there and let it happen. Get rid of them!

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  3. For all the ignorant out there Pete Parent is the one person on the Selectboard that has the best interests of the town at heart. He is the one person on the board who will listen to both sides and is fair minded. The town of Richmond will suffer a huge loss when Pete Parent's term is up.


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