Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A very good week

This year's Jonesfest was a resounding success-three days of celebration with friends and family to mark our recent victories on the road to opening. We've already started talking with folks about a greatly expanded event for next year, and in doing so; we have secured some funds via shameless corporate sponsorship. Love it!

Rachel Sherman of the Champlain Business Journal trekked out to Jonesville about a month ago to cover our little project, so it was great to see her article hit newsstands this week. We also have Ms. Sherman to thank for re-acquainting us with the Vermont youth diaspora. The issue is going to be resuscitated properly, and by the right people to assure that the discussion can sustain.

Also, grab a copy of Seven Days tomorrow...you might find a particularly illuminating read tucked in section A.

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