Sunday, August 23, 2009

Richmond select board member breaches public trust

This is a post I recently submitted to Richmond East's Front Porch Forum:

Over the years, we have all seen Mary Houle transition from an independent, fiery advocate of self-determination and small government into someone who acts primarily in the interest of her private advisory-whose members have for years, set about the ruin of our local administration and sought to leave our community in a permanent state of atrophy.

To that end, Houle and her hooligan cohort have made great headway in recent months. The ouster of Ron Rodjenski represented a major coup for her group, demonstrating that with enough politicking and public humiliation, she can dispatch a town administrator and a fellow select board member in one evening. Long after Rodjenski's departure, Houle continues to beat her chest publicly and lay blame on his feet in press interviews. Clearly, she is not one to even recognize her own victory-instead she continues to tear a path of cold retribution and vendetta across our lawns.

Two weeks ago, select board member Mary Houle arrived at my home and business at 9:30 pm on a Saturday night with a group of disgruntled citizens. When a publicly elected official is allowed to subject a private citizen to mob intimidation there is an undeniable message being delivered. It speaks not only to her inability to accept diverse perspectives, but also her refusal to communicate. While her actions affected me directly, they also impact the entire town she claims to represent.

She has not only breached the public trust, but has demonstrated her inability to represent community ideals. Richmond needs local officials who are responsible in their actions and forward thinking in their approach. I call upon Mary Houle to offer her resignation and vacate her position on the Richmond select board immediately.


  1. It doesn't end there, she has a new victory to add to her coup stick. There should be an announcement about yet another department head who "just won't take it anymore" very soon. Seems like Scary Mary wants to run the whole town...

  2. I would not want any of my Richmond neighbors to feel intimidated by a selectboard member. No, no no no NO. This is totally over the line. I believe there is a special selectboard meeting Aug 24th at 6pm.

  3. She's got to go. She does not represent the Richmond I want to live in.

  4. I'd like a t shirt or a bumper sticker to support your LTCM cause. You make one or both, I'll provide you the money. Let me know. I'm a neighbor down the road.

  5. I can't believe the route politicians take. Outrageous. I especially like the police investigating the guerilla island you fictionally took over. priceless.

  6. Wow, this all makes for some really exciting news, but what about getting the water and sewage problem solved? Who can help if you alienate the Richmond board folks? Focus! There are lots of us really looking forward to your LTCM opening. LOVE the mural. If that violates billboard laws then that Harley place does the same with that bike on the building, which I also love and hope never goes away. Stay focused and get the real problems solved.


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