Friday, May 29, 2009

The Noble Anonymity of Zeros and Ones

Dear Anonymous:

Thanks for your comments. Your assessment that we aren't working hard and that nothing is going on at the store is spot on...perhaps you could come down and lend a hand since apparently we are in such rough shape.

Better yet, why don't you swing by so we can show you the business plan, research, tower of documents, licenses, contracts, vendor agreements, project schedules, tasks completed etc...none of which existed a few short months ago.

Don't forget, all of this was completed with one hand tied behind our backs, blindfolded in a pit of crocodiles, while contending with the constant onslaught of disgruntled neighbors, state and local agencies, and limited resource.

We are doing the absolute best we can under extraordinarily challenging circumstances, and are all very, very proud of what we have achieved in such little time.

Defiantly and Undeterredly Yours,

The Long Trail Community Market

...and yes...I do enjoy adding "ly" the the end of adjectives.

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