Monday, May 18, 2009

LTCM under attack...and other news :-)


I’ve decided to write a final post on the boycott after receiving a particularly amusing comment, in which LTCM becomes the latest target of the Huntington boycott…a real shocker to be sure. I’m still waiting for someone to justify a relevant connection between the issue with the roads and the Richmond businesses. It’s pretty clear that Brown found the first thing that popped up on the Richmond radar and ran with it. I don’t claim any moral or intellectual victory, there is none to be had. Everyone looses-except the few, myself included-who are mildly entertained.’s hard to find the high ground when you’re operating a business below sea level. Here’s my final statement on the matter: You are not going to win hearts and minds by attempting to fill in the potholes with your vitriolic material.

…and in a completely unrelated, unsolicited advertisement for the Film Buzz; I’d like to recommend the movie Batman Begins, in which the nefarious League of Shadows attempts to destroy Gotham City through economic ruin…rent the movie and see how it turns out for them!

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