Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More on Richmond Roads

I agree completely with Jim’s comment and Tom’s initial contention that the Town of Richmond did not adequately prepare and maintain their secondary roads during the bridge closure. Huntington residents and Richmond area businesses were inconvenienced by the decision.

My primary hope is to generate a dialogue between residents in both towns regarding a more appropriate method of response. Targeting independently owned and operated businesses is the least compassionate option on the table, and there are alternative options. Concerned individuals should put their energy towards a collective response to the Town of Richmond.

Regarding the second set of comments; I want to put forward the view that “town” does not always equal “community.” The strongest connections between Richmond and Huntington are found in the arts, education and agriculture, not municipal identity. If “community” is viewed solely in the municipal context, it is convenient to link Richmond business to the Town of Richmond. When “community” is viewed in a complete context, the link is much harder to invent.

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