Thursday, October 22, 2009

Late News Breaking!

Salutations from the floodplain! We have some very exciting news to report-on Monday we received official word from the state that our project has been granted approval to drill a well! While this clears up the most significant hurtle in effecting real progress in Jonesville, we are still suffering from a nasty case of the Cowans.

Through our backchannel sources, deep within the Douglas administration, we have received confirmation that Isaac Cowan (as we long suspected) was the primary obstacle in placing the well months ago, when we initially submitted our request. Luckily, our revolutionary business model was specifically designed to adapt and thrive in the oppressed eastern territories of Richmond. As such, we have enjoyed the waning days of summer into early fall, settling comfortably into a sub-active state of sharecropping for the property owner. We've kept busy with individual side projects, epic adventures, and of course, the construction of our strategic headquarters on Mary Houle's island oasis…we'll be holding a "wild rumpus" to celebrate.

Richmond's fallow administration remains hamstrung by Houle's handful of sycophants, but concerned residents and supporters from around the region work diligently to save the town. The Chief's petition was undoubtedly a clear referendum on Houle's war crimes perpetrated against our community. It was a very well aimed and well-executed shot across the proverbial bow…don't expect any more warning shots in the weeks and months to come.

Remember folks…don't drink the Houle-ade. You'll be toes up faster than her bid for the statehouse. :-)


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  1. To quote the last Republican VP nominee, "Drill, baby, drill." Need that sixer of Wolaver's Oatmeal Stout and a pizza to go. I'll call it "The Jonesville Special."


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