Saturday, October 24, 2009

Autumnal offerings from Backcountry Pizza

I got an early start at the neighbor's house this morning-fired up the outdoor oven in preparation for an evening flatbread session. A few weeks ago I rocked out a particularly excellent series of pies for my illustrator/screenprinter's wedding up at Sleepy Hollow in Huntington...the best local ingredients-fresh veggies and meats from Maple Wind Farm and cheeses from Grafton Village. The favorite that day was a beet sugar crust, which was deep purple and loaded with caramelized onions, andouille, apples, sunflower seeds, roast fingerlings, lardon, and maple smoked cheddar.

Today I'll be celebrating the autumnal offerings of Vermont. I've been playing around with some kabocha and acorn squash crusts that are complemented with maple, whole oats, cider and flekked with crushed pumpkin seeds. The presentation will be a more primitive flatbread style- slightly divergent, but certainly not a digression from my signature "backcountry" aesthetic.


  1. Will these pies be available for purchase/consumption at the coming LTCM?

  2. In the foreseeable future-no. There will be a lot of time, resource, permitting, expense and politicking required to get the kitchen certified. Relaunching Backcountry Pizza has always been my primary interest despite the circuitous route now required to achieve this objective. I see it happening, just not anytime soon...however, direct contact is always a great way to score a pie. I usually do a few batches a month for friends, family, and neighbors.


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