Friday, July 3, 2009

Vermont's youth diaspora: Part 2

In 2007 the Douglas administration's Pursue Vermont initiative had $116K to play with. To date, no one has moved back as a result of the initiative's efforts…

Young Vermonters can help fix the state's impending tax crisis and effect demographic change. As a young business owner, I firmly reject the Pursue Vermont approach to outreach. I believe we need to empower ourselves, begin a dialogue and take ownership of the issue.

As I stated briefly in Part 1, there is a great deal of hesitancy on the part of the Douglas administration to embrace the Vermont youth. The notion of bringing in a bunch of hipsters, techies, environmentalists and progressive families can't play well to his aged constituency; nor can the prospect of mobilized, technologically literate and networked college students, who have steeped for the past four years in a liberal education, remaining in the state after graduation.

No administration has the right to dictate how I should value my community or how it should value me. My experiences and those of my friends will not be reduced to keywords. My community will not be conditioned by groupthink. It is time to renew outreach efforts openly, organically, and from within the sustaining demographic.

My response to will be an alternative website, which presents an honest view for prospective job seekers, college students and homeowners interested in contributing to the character of Vermont. The vision is clear if we embrace our reality, include every voice and realize the potential in deficit.

We'll bring the ideas. The mountains will do the rest.

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  1. Let's face it....until Vermont starts to become friendly to business, the youth will continue to leave the state as career and job opportunities are limited. Great posts - keep it up. Looking forward to your opening.


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