Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Response to the Free Pres Article

I wanted to provide a brief statement regarding the Burlington Free Press article that ran today, particularly on the issue of trespassing. Isaac Cowan and I share a mutual right-of-way that runs directly through both of our properties. It is deeded that his right-of-way is a guarantee, while mine is at his discretion. This means that under normal conditions I am allowed to use my right-of-way, but when he is feeling punitive; he takes my access away and calls it trespassing. He lied to the Free Press reporter and the Richmond Police Department in saying that " [I] was driving on his gravel road, kicking up stones against his buildings." This is a complete falsehood. He had absolutely no legitimate reason to deny me access to the back of my building, so he fabricated one.

I am glad that Mr. Cowan took the opportunity to speak with the reporter. His statements clearly illuminate his inconsistent, malevolent, and evasive manner. It's almost funny that he publicly complains and disrupts our progress for three straight months, then turns around (when a reporter's pen is in his face) and says, "his store's a great idea, and I'm sorry to hear he was thinking of not opening."

We deserve an honest answer as to why Isaac Cowan is determined to make trouble for our community. We ask that he come clean about his actions and true motivations, and that he rescind the trespass notice and honor the long standing right-of-way agreements.


  1. It is well known that Cowan suffers from "little man syndrome" and likes to cause trouble. Just remember, every dog has his day and his day will be coming.

  2. Strange ROW terms.

    Seems like every town has one. I had to deal with a Cowan clone once. My solution was to buy him out.


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