Monday, July 13, 2009

Please consider the following...

I understand the great deal of frustration everyone is feeling towards my neighbor right now. He and I clearly have some fundamental differences in our approach to community development, but our struggle should not have extended to anyone else. By removing myself from the situation, I had hoped to ease the tension, not incite further animosity. I sincerely hope that a public boycott against him does not take place. We may not agree or sympathize with his reactive behaviors, but that does not give any group of people the moral ground to impose hardship upon him. We have all recently witnessed the devastating effects of economic hardship in our town. It is unconscionable to think that anyone would employ such a punitive response. It would be an act of pure spite, which I simply cannot endorse.

Prior to recent events, I had reached out for support within the local business community to help mediate his disputes. I expressed my willingness to meet and help him find clarity and resolution-and perhaps some validation. Unfortunately, we were not able to reach him before he precipitated escalation. It seems rather moot at this point, but my approach has always been one of open process and amicable discussion. If my neighbor still wishes for dialogue, he may have it.

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