Saturday, June 6, 2009

A very good day

"Water" was theme for Friday at the LTCM project. It came first in the form of surveyors who will lift us out of the floodplain, making the process of conducting business with the town significantly easier. It removes one of the largest obstacles to our long-term viability.

The second came in the form of a watershed event; a confrontation I had to endure, the end of which has been dramatically recreated:

"The youth could not hear the man's petty howls of insult as he walked away, only the seed of desperation on his tongue. For the first time, the man had no audience-no one to placate his wild demands and no sympathetic chorus echoing up from the tired, gray buildings. On this morning, there would be neither kowtow nor surrender from the confident youth, only stoic disengagement. The message hit the man with immeasurable weight and clarity. He knew that his days of riding roughshod over the peaceable were finished."

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