Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jonesville floods, Richmond celebrates by further tightening local zoning regulation

Painting is underway and we are to open soon! More importantly, yesterday brought with it some phenomenally warm rain and a corresponding river adventure with friends at the Huntington Buckets.

Last week I had a great discussion with Rachel Sherman, staff writer at the Champlain Business Journal. We talked about the store, about the Jonesville community, and about Vermont's shrinking youth population. We met this week for a walkthrough and to continue our conversation. Near the end of the visit, I took a few minutes to make introductions with Gary Svetlik, who operates a custom wood design studio next door. Few people, including many Richmond residents, are aware that Jonesville has a vibrant and expanding business community. Gary is continually flooded with new orders for custom cabinetry, tables, vanities, etc., while starting renovations for his new showroom. Peter Mumford runs the successful Perfection Motorsports & Trailer Sales operation just up the road, and we have three mechanic shops servicing small engines, motorcycles and automobiles respectively…and that's just along Rt. 2 corridor.

I'll be posting later to discuss the Vermont youth diaspora. The state wants us penned and fixed to the tax milking station, The University needs us to continue its diabolical experiment in mutating itself beyond the city's carrying capacity (a groovy sidestep from eugenics) and the towns just want to know when we plan on shutting up.

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