Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Far Side of The Market, Part 3

Wicker by a waterfall

I'm fast forwarding a bit here. Last week was too fun! The weather was great and I had my first opportunity to munch some early trout lilies on the Catamount Trail and drink from the springs up on Robbins. The taste of snow is already gone from the water, which is a delightful surprise.

Breakfast of black beans, quinoa, and eggs

I really like to play around with comida típica, often finding ways to combine it with farmhouse standards. This dish is black beans and quinoa with onions, apples, arugula, and some eggs with goat cheese. I really enjoy simple dishes that get the job done.

Wicker and Oakley on Lookout Mountain

Pack nap

The creatures have been put through their paces now that the weather is nice again. We generally stuck with 3-6 mile treks depending on the winter temperatures, but now we are all back up to our usual 5-9.


Another glorious tradition of spring is naked hiking! I recommend that everyone, everywhere give it a try. It's a peaceful way to challenge the puritanical public ordinances in your respective communities. It's a lot more fun than regular hiking unless you are about to traverse a field of briers. In those situations, I always advocate clothing.

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