Sunday, March 21, 2010

Far Side of The Market, Part 2


In early fall, we were set to drill. The dudes were in place. It was brief moment of excitement...not to last, however.

Donation slips at Jacque's in Huntington

It was a turning point in the project. One that allowed me to set the store aside and focus on tertiary objectives. The LTCM isn't about corn-laden consumables or cheap beer-it's about community. I pitched an idea to the Richmond Food Shelf and sponsored the project with the help of designer Shawn Patrick Rice. It's been a joy to see how successful its been for them.

3rd week in October

I planted some tiny raspberry plants in the spring, and they shot right up, much to my surprise. They continued producing until the last week of October!

Wicker Robbins, 11 months old

Friends were mostly back to school and I was starting to go a little stir crazy, so I decided to participate in some canine respite. His name is Wicker and he is a white shepherd and husky mix.

Wicker catches a grouse for dinner

We had some epic adventures throughout the fall and winter, during which I discovered his many talents.

We were joined from time to time by a neurotic luck dragon (labradoodle), Oakley.

creature pile

Not surprisingly, everyone got along with Sir Carl.

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