Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Richmond goes radioactive for the holidays

HMC2-a local marketing agency reputed to provide "holistic marketing solutions," has just produced a shiny new ad campaign intended to "help" Vermonters understand the "facts" about Vermont Yankee. Their "fact" page spins a delightful fallout scenario of what could happen if the state decides not to re-license the outdated and damaged facility…rioting in the streets, skyrocketing heating bills, and Vermont will no longer be considered a "green" state…are you kidding me?

HMC2's nifty little campaign fails to acknowledge that our state's unnecessary dependence on Vermont Yankee has hindered renewable energy development for years…you know-the projects intended to reduce your electric bill, stabilize and sustain the economy, create jobs and reduce global climate change.

But it's cool-I have to step back on a pretty regular basis and remind myself that I live in a town where half of the selectboard fears a productive discourse, our hometown gubernatorial candidate is as quiet and conventional as the Cheerios I ate this morning, and despite our region's firm commitment to sustainable, entrepreneurial and innovative ventures-our state rep won't say "no" to a crumbling nuclear facility...I guess having a marketing agency that supports global warming is pretty much par for the course.

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