Friday, November 6, 2009

Jonesville Underground issues (content removed)

(content removed), Isaac Cowan showed up yesterday morning, (content removed), following through on his (content removed) appeal.

As such, the Jonesville Underground has issued a (content removed):

(content removed)


  1. Can you please post/share your list of alternate places of business? Or would you rather do it go through PM?

  2. How long will this latest delay take to get cleared up? It's getting pathetic. The state won't object to getting anyone off that spring.

  3. To the first; let me know what local service you need and I'll be happy to pass along a recommendation...

    To the second; agreed-seriously pathetic. Since the State put an exhaustive amount of time into the original permit, the courts are likely to uphold it. But I'm not sure how long it will take. If his lawsuit with the town is any indication, it could take longer than expected.

  4. What a fool. This man has too much power. I hope whatever crawled up his bum dies and the whole town can smell his sticky butt! Nya!

  5. uh oh. . . I'm afraid that you just released Ms. Labounty on yourself. Good luck with that.


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